Do I have to pay for your services?

No, all the services provided by the consultants are free to all candidates.

How do I register with you?

You are registered with us as soon as you have completed the registration form or send your CV. You can also fax or bring your CV to us. However, if possible, we would much prefer you to send it to us in electronic form.

What happens after I have sent you my CV?

The first thing is that you will receive an email to confirm it has been received. Hopefully we will talk to you about vacancies we are handling for which your experience is relevant. If so, the Consultant who contacts you will want to arrange to meet you. Sometimes we won't know of any suitable vacancies for you but will contact you as soon as we become aware of one. Please be assured that your CV will never be sent to prospective employers without your knowledge or permission.

Do you meet candidates before you send their CVs to the clients?

In 95% of cases yes.  Since clients frequently need someone who fits their company's culture it can be vitally important to meet with the candidate to avoid a potential mismatch. It also enables you to feel confident that we understand your career goals.
How confidential are your services?

Completely. We will never disclose your details to anybody without your express permission first.

How long will it take to get a job?

It is impossible to state specific timescales as so much depends on the marketplace, location, your salary expectation, etc.

Can you guarantee to find me a job?

Unfortunately not. When we speak with candidates for the first time we try to stress that we find 'people for jobs' rather than 'jobs for people'. We cannot target particular companies on your behalf.

We realize how frustrating it can be if we don't contact you to discuss relevant opportunities. This is not through lack of interest but simply because your experience may not be relevant to any of our current vacancies. However, we register new vacancies every day and we will contact you about any of these that are relevant to you.

Can you provide me with an idea of my realistic salary expectations?

Due to our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and the fact that we are in daily contact with dozens of companies, we can offer particularly reliable advice concerning salary expectations.

Please remember that your relationship with FMI should be a two way process. Our consultants meet many high caliber job searchers so it's not always possible to be in contact with you constantly. We welcome your calls and your feedback and want you to be actively involved in the recruitment process.