Executive search

Like most of recruitment companies in Kazakhstan, we offer You the services of a search («hunting behind heads»). But unlike the other agencies, we are not asking for a separate fee for this service.

We combine a few specialized tools to search, in order to determine a list of the needed candidate. You will receive information about those, who are the key staff of your competitors. You will be able to assess their capabilities and position on the market, with other employers. We'll learn motivation of those candidates who you want to entice to itself in the organization. Satisfying their professional and financial expectations, You can hire them already as finished  specialist who can implement set to them, the operational targets.

Do you want use the services of executive search now?

Call us by phone 7 (727) 277-70 - 70, write to us on e. address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register as our client.

We don’t lure employees from existing clients, except in cases when a candidate and voluntarily presented us your CV or application form, to help find a new job.