We work with 2000, and every day we get more than 50 resumes and questionnaires. In the day we spend more than 10 visual and telephone interviews of the candidates. Our method of interview was formed as a result of testing of the best theoretical and practical developments, that is why organized for employees of FMI our international partners. For example, we use the methodology of conducting competency based interview, as well as elements of the organization эссесмент centers. Complementing the history of the candidates, the results of tests carried out by us and our clients, as well as verification of recommendations, we have a complete picture about the professional skills and personal characteristics of more than 10,000 candidates. We work with the citizens of all countries all over the world, and conduct correspondence, both in Russian and in English.

We hunt for talent during exhibitions and conferences, analyze professional publications and recommendations of specialists. Our reliable reputation has many experienced managers to dialogue with consultants FMI Professionals.

The BENEFITS for You from the use of recruitment services FMI can be (but are not limited to) the following:

You will save a huge time resources, avoiding contact with unskilled or applicants were indecent.
You will receive a selected number of resumes of candidates really best suited to your psychological and financial requirements.
You get fast, and in some cases, even within a few hours.
You minimize the risk of unsuccessful recruitment (but no one is reduced to the absolute zero).
You will receive our advice on the labor market in Kazakhstan, regardless of pay do we then reward for recruiting or not.
Want to make the recruitment process is fast and efficient?

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