Personnel leasing

If you, for some reason, can't increase the nominal number of personnel (for example, headquarters does not allow to enlarge the staff), then pass the employees of the us on outstaffing! And then you wanted the helpers will be enrolled on the staff of our Agency, and actually work in your office. You don't have to monthly calculate their taxes, and to check their advance reports, conduct personnel documents and report of personnel in public bodies. We will do it for You.

We have extensive experience in providing services to leasing as for Kazakh clients and foreign companies that do not have offices in Kazakhstan, but require the presence of representatives or agents.

Why You should use the services of leasing of personnel from FMI Professionals?

You will significantly reduce their risks and liabilities associated with the establishment and termination of the labour relations.
You save your time doing routine administrative and financial procedures.
You gain flexibility in maintaining the quantitative composition of its staff personnel.
Want to translate some of the employees of the leasing right now?

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